Is Jennifer Lopez ending her career in 2024? Is J'LO to tired to start a new worldtour with many performances this year?

Picture:Todd Williamson

In 1999, Jennifer Lopez's hit "If You Had My Love" catapulted her to stardom in the Netherlands. She produced many hits, and whole the world admired her as a singer.

Picture:Tod Williamson

Singing alone was not enough for the girl from the Bronx in New york city. She also started dancing and acting.

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Maybe it is nice for you to know that the famous star started her career with dancing in a show in  Los Angeles, as a dancer.

J'Lo get some trouble with a nother actress in this show so she left this show. after that She appeared in musicals in Europe.

She went back to the states to appear as a dancer  in  a music clip of Janet Jackson, The Sister off Michael., Who asked her to company her on her tour, she refused!  

Jennifer got a offer to play in a movie. At that time she was thinking of getting a great Hollywood actress, she was in search off  fame on the white screen..

I't's a big secret that in the beginning of her career, her mother trow J'Lo out of  her home because she started no decent job. She slept every were in New York. Till here dancing teacher invited here in his home.

Living with the dance teacher gave J'Lo some much-needed rest, which ensured that his career as a dancer, singer and actress could finally get off to a good start.

We all know how her career went after that. Many energetic singles, and many beautiful films. But will this suddenly come to an end? Is J'Lo ending her career?

Yesterday, May 31, 2024, there was an announcement in all major newspapers around the world that J'LO needs more time for her family. We grant her it, but...

Evil tongues claim that it is not entirely the truth that J'Lo is proclaiming here. According to insiders, pre-sales for the world Tour were very poor, which would be the real reason.

Is this the ending of a  the singer, who gives me and many others so much energy wen things are not going well someday? Who Knows?